Citing PyVRP

If you use PyVRP in your research, please consider citing the following paper:

Wouda, N.A., L. Lan, and W. Kool (2024). PyVRP: a high-performance VRP solver package. INFORMS Journal on Computing, forthcoming.

Or, using the following BibTeX entry:

  doi = {10.1287/ijoc.2023.0055},
  url = {},
  year = {2024},
  publisher = {INFORMS},
  author = {Niels A. Wouda and Leon Lan and Wouter Kool},
  title = {{PyVRP}: a high-performance {VRP} solver package},
  journal = {INFORMS Journal on Computing},

A preprint of this paper is available on arXiv. Since PyVRP extends HGS-CVRP, please also consider citing Vidal (2022).