Getting help

All conversations take place in the GitHub repository.


If you are looking for help using PyVRP, please browse our discussions overview first for relevant discussions, questions and answers, modelling tricks, and more. Feel free to open your own discussion thread if you have something new to discuss!

Submitting a bug report

Open a new issue in the repository, using the “Bug report” template. To limit the amount of time needed to triage your problem, please do the following:

  • Include a short, self-contained code snippet that reproduces the problem.

  • Specify the version information of the pyvrp installation you use. You can do this by including the output of show_versions():

    import pyvrp

    in your report. You can run this from the command line as

    python -c 'import pyvrp; pyvrp.show_versions()'

Submitting a feature request

Please first browse the existing issues and discussions in the GitHub repository to see if your feature has already been requested. If it has not, please open a new issue in the repository, using the “Feature request” template.